October 17, 2011

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Schauble admits that banks will take bigger losses on Greek loans — Guardian

Another German admits the obvious: the EU’s crisis will last into next year — Bloomberg

Citi’s accounting adjustment hides some “truly terrible trading figures” — FT Alphaville

Wells Fargo revenue is down, earnings are up, amidst an i-banking “bust” — Dealbook

CalPERS has lost $78 million on vineyard investments — Sacramento Bee

Enron’s former president is a billionaire — WSJ Deal Journal

America’s biggest growth industry: declinism — Reuters

Apple sold 4 million iPhone 4Ss in three days, the highest sales for a phone everAppleInsider

Obama will make anti-Wall Street anger a “central tenet” of his campaign — The Washington Post

Would you like to see a video of Herman Cain singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” with lyrics about pizza? Of course you would — The Daily Beast


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