October 19, 2011

Some of the best links from

The S & P downgrades twenty-four Italian firms — Reuters

Not to be outdone, Moody’s cuts Spanish sovereign ratings two notches — Reuters

Bernanke: We may use monetary policy for “financial stability.” Or maybe not — Federal Reserve

Only 1 in 7 US workers are normal weight with no chronic health problems — WSJ

Alabama scares away its migrant farmworkers, has trouble harvesting with only fat, unhealthy US citizens — AP

Goldman reports only its second-ever quarterly loss since going public — Business Wire

BofA turns a profit, thanks to asset sales and wonky accounting — Bloomberg

New York has the most super-rich people, though San Francisco also has a lot — WSJ

The brave analyst who dared to downgrade Apple — WSJ

Robots have learned how to play ping pong – yet still cannot love — Youtube

How Groupon’s auditors and underwriters got it so very wrong — Dealbook

Steve Jobs offered nine figures for Dropbox, and was turned down — Forbes

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