By Nick Rizzo
October 19, 2011

Debt is “like a drug” in Europe’s second-most indebted nation — Der Spiegel

The housing crisis has changed some young people’s attitudes towards homeownership — WSJ Real Time Economics

Median pay is back to ’99 levels — Reuters

Orszag: Labor’s value is shrinking and there’s not much we can do about it — Bloomberg

David Einhorn has some ideas about the price of coffee — WSJ

News Corp execs reportedly knew about the WSJ Europe circ scam for almost a year — Bloomberg

The Economist gives in to Apple’s app terms — paidContent

And Groupon will IPO next week — Reuters

These are just a few of the links available at Search the site for “Groupon” for all the best articles on that company in the last two months.

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Orszag in translation – Labor’s value is shrinking, and you mofos won’t live so long as I will either.

Meanwhile, the bankrupt company I kept alive with YOUR tax dollars (which I now want to take away from you in the interest of “fiscal responsibility”) turned my $196,700 a year into more than an order of magnitude more than that. (Again, your tax dollars, paid for by interest on the “excess” reserves our horse puckey “balance sheet” pretends are real. Did I mention you’re going to have to bail us out again, since more than half our “profit” last quarter was because people deluded themselves into believing we’re more solvent?)

I got mine, Jack. You flockers will suffer, and I’m doing everything I can to make certain you do.

Posted by klhoughton | Report as abusive

“It was a non-ethical practice.” Oh, such a neutral, such a detached and, shall I say it, non-threatening term this.


Sorry, Mr. Van Mol formerly of News Corp. The circulation-inflating was a scam. A lie. A calculated malfeasance.

It was UNethical. Not “non-ethical.”

And people still wonder why the Occupy people are upset?

Posted by RalfW | Report as abusive
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