By Nick Rizzo
October 25, 2011

Most Greek bailout money has gone to pay bondholders — The Washington Post

The EFSF could become more or less an insurance company — The New Yorker

“If you can show correlation [of greater than zero] then you can buy sovereign CDS” — IFR

Roubini: European policy makers are “hell bent to commit growth harakiri” — CNBC

Sarko to Cameron: “You have lost a good opportunity to shut up.” — The Guardian

The moral case for NGDP targeting — Interfluidity

Already lean US manufacturers could cut further — WSJ

Rhode Island: tiny state, huge debt problem — NYT

Parking passes are an alternative asset class in Connecticut’s Gold Coast — WSJ


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Great and scary article on Rhode Island. Is it time to say that Meridith Whitney was right, but just early?

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I bought 1000 shares of Netflix at $300 because I thought it would continue to rise forever. Now I’m underwater. Can I have a taxpayer-funded bailout, please? If I don’t get one soon, I’ll be in serious financial trouble. You wouldn’t want me to have to declare bankruptcy over a minor error of timing, would you? That wouldn’t be fair!

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