October 26, 2011

Merkel raised the specter of European war, won a key EU rescue fund Bundestag vote — Telegraph

The big hole in the EU rescue plan: economic growth — BBC

“The Atlas of Economic Complexity” boils down to: know how to make things, stay relatively poor — WSJ Real Time Economics

Six things we’ve actually learned from three years of financial crisis — The New Yorker

“The Corporate Governance of Benedictine Abbeys” — JSTOR

The other shoe finally drops for Raj Gupta — DealBook

The SEC’s yardstick seems to be: “Who wrote the stupidest email?” — ProPublica

Ruth Madoff says she and Bernie attempted suicide — CBS News

BofA’s Moynihan: “You ought to think a little about that before you start yelling us.” Oh snap — Bloomberg

Elizabeth Warren says she “created much of the intellectual foundation” for Occupy Wall Street — The Daily Beast

And Gawker takes the high-road with a sketchy marketer looking to pay for Google-boosting links — Gawker

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