November 1, 2011

Here are a few of our links today from

The 30 year return on bonds is higher than equities for the first time in 150 years — Bloomberg

Brad DeLong is not a huge fan of the ECB — Project Syndicate

Germany has $78 billion more than thought after discovering an accounting error — Der Spiegel

Bill Gross wonders how one can solve a debt crisis with more debt — PIMCO

Prince Charles has been offered the veto over 12 UK government bills since 2005 — Guardian

The Treasury Department will hold off on selling more of its 77% share of AIG for now — WSJ

Here’s a good, long piece on the changes Jon Corzine made at MF Global — Reuters

And here’s his MF Global employment agreement — SEC

The more important (but less covered) Herman Cain scandal of the day — Journal Sentinel

Together for a year, Newsweek and the Daily Beast are (surprise!) still not profitable — Adweek


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