November 2, 2011

Morgan says its exposure to Spain is $500 million; a regulator says its $25 billion — Bloomberg

“Faced with two unappetizing choices, Greece seems intent on choosing neither” — New Yorker

Joe Weisenthal thinks this chart explains a lot about Greece — Business Insider

Why were people giving their money to MF Global in the first place? — Brad DeLong

Almost a third of jobless Americans have been out of work more than a year — Pew

15% of all Americans are on food stamps — WSJ Real Time Economics

Do more arts and humanities grads mean that college is oversold? — Marginal Revolution

Inside the transnational organ-selling gangs — Bloomberg

Big brands are just now learning that they can use Facebook for free — WSJ

Groupon spent nearly as much on marketing as Visa — AdAge

And AOL’s traffic is barely higher despite acquiring the Huffington Post — AllThingsD

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