By Nick Rizzo
November 2, 2011

Morgan says its exposure to Spain is $500 million; a regulator says its $25 billion — Bloomberg

“Faced with two unappetizing choices, Greece seems intent on choosing neither” — New Yorker

Joe Weisenthal thinks this chart explains a lot about Greece — Business Insider

Why were people giving their money to MF Global in the first place? — Brad DeLong

Almost a third of jobless Americans have been out of work more than a year — Pew

15% of all Americans are on food stamps — WSJ Real Time Economics

Do more arts and humanities grads mean that college is oversold? — Marginal Revolution

Inside the transnational organ-selling gangs — Bloomberg

Big brands are just now learning that they can use Facebook for free — WSJ

Groupon spent nearly as much on marketing as Visa — AdAge

And AOL’s traffic is barely higher despite acquiring the Huffington Post — AllThingsD

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The Visa/Groupon advertising comparison, while technically accurate, may be a little misleading. This is just Visa’s own ad budget which is purely their brand advertising. All the customer acquisition for Visa cards is done by the acquiring banks and surely dwarfs this number and Groupon’s spend.

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