November 3, 2011

Another compelling argument that we are approaching the Italian endgame — FT Alphaville

The Keynesian who 20 years ago saw through the Euro — New Yorker

If Papandreou wins his confidence vote, then he’ll step down. Maybe — Reuters

The US will not implement a Tobin tax, no matter how nicely you ask — WSJ Real Time Economics

After a great deal of confusion yesterday, Brad DeLong now thinks he understands what MF Global was thinking, but that doesn’t mean it was smart — Brad DeLong

US gasoline consumption is down 5% year-over-year, the most since 2008 — The Bonddad Blog

60% of China’s rich want to leave the country — Credit Writedowns

The smartest people in DC are 100% wrong about the economy — Business Insider

Bank of America threatened a Utah woman with foreclosure over a single dollar — Consumerist

Over the last 2 years, 80% of the hottest IPOs later tanked — Businessweek


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