November 9, 2011

Some of the links today from

Why the ECB couldn’t save Italy even if it wanted to — WSJ

Echoes of pre-crash Japan in China today — Chovanec

The huge Chinese loan-sharking industry has lead to suicides and disappearances — Bloomberg

Some MF Global customers may have to “share cash” — Businessweek

Krugman: The return of secular stagnation — The Conscience of a Liberal

Bruce Bartlett: The Fed has an obligation to do more about unemployment — NYT Economix

Oil companies have ex-military “psy ops” experts fighting anti-fracking “insurgency” — CNBC

Goldman raised its lawsuit allowances thirty-fold — Reuters

Yelp is planning an IPO, at a $1 to $2 billion valuation — WSJ

And Raj Rajaratnam will pay a $92.8 million dollar penalty, or more than five Kardashian weddings’ earnings — Dealbook

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