By Nick Rizzo
November 10, 2011

“The euro zone is in a death spiral.” — The Economist

The Fed should buy every single Euro bond owned by a U.S. bank. Now. — Brad DeLong

Oops! S & P accidentally downgraded France, then issued a correction — Bloomberg

In the wake of MF Global, all American futures trading firms will be audited — Dealbook

Study shows that banks that received bailout funds soon took on more risk — Credit Writedowns

Congratulations, Jefferson County: you are now the biggest municipal bankruptcy in American history — Bloomberg

Why Americans won’t do dirty jobs — Businessweek

Ringtones are a $2.1 billion a year business — AllThingsD

Research in Motion will keep developing Flash, even after Adobe has abandoned it — Electronista

Zynga to employees: Surrender your stock or be fired — WSJ

Watch out Jamba, Starbucks is in the juice game now — Reuters

The way we were: a decade of anti-Berlusconi Economist covers — The Economist

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“Why Americans won’t do dirty jobs” fails to report is how these people, /illegal/, either send this money home, to buy up land and cattle for the future. Or save to go home in the future to buy land and cattle.
Which will make them a very nice life.

While Americans who do this sort of work, will never be able to go and buy, land and cattle, on a minimum wage. Might be lucky to just buy FOOD.


And know one ever seems to state it…..

Posted by zebra69 | Report as abusive

@zebra69 So apparently your contention is that ‘illegals’ can live very well on much less than minimum wage all the while saving to be farmers, while Americans can’t scrape by at all on minimum wage and have no future. Did you really think this through or do you listen to THAT much AM talk radio?

Posted by CDN_Rebel | Report as abusive

CDN_Rebel, likely both of you are right.

Americans are not good at leading cost-efficient lifestyles.

Posted by TFF | Report as abusive

@TFF, we gotta have our iPhones, even if we’re picking crops.

Posted by Curmudgeon | Report as abusive