November 10, 2011

“The euro zone is in a death spiral.” — The Economist

The Fed should buy every single Euro bond owned by a U.S. bank. Now. — Brad DeLong

Oops! S & P accidentally downgraded France, then issued a correction — Bloomberg

In the wake of MF Global, all American futures trading firms will be audited — Dealbook

Study shows that banks that received bailout funds soon took on more risk — Credit Writedowns

Congratulations, Jefferson County: you are now the biggest municipal bankruptcy in American history — Bloomberg

Why Americans won’t do dirty jobs — Businessweek

Ringtones are a $2.1 billion a year business — AllThingsD

Research in Motion will keep developing Flash, even after Adobe has abandoned it — Electronista

Zynga to employees: Surrender your stock or be fired — WSJ

Watch out Jamba, Starbucks is in the juice game now — Reuters

The way we were: a decade of anti-Berlusconi Economist covers — The Economist

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