By Nick Rizzo
November 15, 2011

Angela Merkel hints at a fiscal union for the Eurozone — Bloomberg

Meanwhile, her party votes to allow voluntary exits from the Euro — Bloomberg

The United States has youth unemployment in line with Arab Spring countries — Rortybomb

The SF Fed thinks there’s more than a 50% chance of a US recession next year —

All the key fiscal drags the President will face in the next two years – FT Alphaville

It turns out that Wall Street fleeced municipal governments roughly $50 billion — Businessweek

Banks are trying to recoup $15 to $20 monthly per depositor — NYT

Like a man biting a dog, farmers are buying up foreclosed housing developments — WSJ

What “stock and flow” means for the future of online media — AdAge

Very few places in America have lots of bars and cheap marijuana — Atlantic Cities

And Michael Lewis is still using poop analogies, this time about transatlantic journalism — LAT

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