By Nick Rizzo
November 18, 2011

Banks “are devising complex and potentially risky” deals to keep borrowing from the ECB — WSJ

Congress’s 10 favorite stocks, and which members hold the most (it’s mostly Kerry) — Ritholtz

Why the missing MF Global customer money is like a “lost child” — Dealbook

The Nevada AG brings felony charges in a robo-signing case — WSJ

26 reporters arrested in the Wall Street protests and what they do — The Awl

TechCrunch’s CEO is leaving AOL — BI

2.5 stars: Yelp files for a $100 million IPO — Fortune

And the ECB releases an iPhone game, but the whole goal is keeping inflation low. Of course — Reuters Macroscope

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I realised as soon as I was notified regarding the debit card substution that it was another plot to line the pockets of BofA, since there are financial penalties for making mistakes with debit cards and would definitely be harmful to people with no bank accounts-in other words, people who can least afford it. I immediately signed up for direct deposit as I didn’t want BofA to have my money for one minute more than was absolutely necessary, but they still have it for at least 24 hours for “processing”. I was so incensed at the blatant and shameless rip-off that this scheme represented that I called Representative Jerry McNerney’s office and e-mailed Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein to complain although this doesn’t harm me as much as it would the people in dire straits (I am currently on unemployment but have no dependents). Let’s see whether or not the California legislature addresses this issue-the Democrats might but the Republicans sure won’t.

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