November 19, 2011

Europe’s web of debt, illustrated — BBC

S&P makes a bit of an error with a headline about Brazil’s credit rating — Bloomberg

Miners in Australia can earn $200,000 annually — WSJ

The new head of the FDIC “could make Sheila Bair look like a kitty cat” — WSJ

The “do-nothing” economic budget plan that would save us $7.1 trillion — Washington Post

Krugman: let the Supercommittee fail — NYT

Nate Silver on which economic indicators best predict Presidential elections — Five Thirty Eight

Sean Parker’s thinking of Thanksgiving, says the tech “gravy train” is almost over — CNET

Newsweek staffer: “I mean, Regis Philbin is our cover this week” — WWD

One of the worst parts of the euro zone crisis, for me, is watching the televised vindication of that nut Nigel Farage — Zero Hedge


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