November 29, 2011

Is it cheaper for Germany to bail out EU countries rather than leave the euro? — Washington Post

Weisenthal and Platt question the importance of debt-to-GDP ratios. It’s possible they didn’t read all of This Time Is DifferentBusiness Insider

James Surowiecki argues that Italy and Spain are still saveable — The New Yorker

While Wolfgang Munchau says the euro zone could be only days from collapse — DeLong

Daniel Kahneman: “Emergent weirdness is a good bet” — Freakonomics

“Fitch slams US indecisiveness, delays AAA rating decision” — FT Alphaville

Krugman gleefully quotes Greenspan getting everything wrong in 2005 — NYT

3 Connecticut Gold Coast money managers win $254 million from the lottery — Greenwich Time

The Silicon Valley startup that built the “matrix” behind the War on Terror — BusinessWeek

And a long, controversial, intriguing piece on the mysteries of l’affaire DSKNYRB


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