By Nick Rizzo
November 30, 2011

Some of today’s many stories from Now with extra underlinks! Check it out.

“War games” – How companies are already contingency planning for a Euro breakup — Reuters

Ex-NOTW editor: “You have to be cleverer than the criminals” — Guardian

S&P cuts ratings for all “Big Six” banks — WSJ Marketbeat

RIM is apparently willing to have its customers use better phones made by competitors — WSJ

$200 million from MF Global’s customers turns up at British JP Morgan Chase — Dealbook

George Packer paints a great portrait of one occupier of Wall Street — New Yorker

John Heilemann: Is 2012 the same as 1968? — New York

Keith Gessen writes about his arrest in New York City — New Yorker

Thomas H. Lee is looking at buying out Yahoo’s US business — Reuters

And the Little Printer That Couldn’t Do Anything – BergCloud


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From John Heilemann’s piece: “Amazingly enough, many of them were surprised when I pointed out that the demonstrations in Chicago in 1968 occurred at the Democratic, not Republican, convention, and helped to shatter Humphrey’s base.” Perhaps the OWSers should demand a rebate for the US history classes they took in college.

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The 1920s style piano music in the Little Printer ad is highly appropriate.

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