By Nick Rizzo
December 1, 2011

Why France may now be the biggest obstacle to ending the Euro crisis — WSJ

Understanding Corzine’s bet on Europe — DeLong

To fix bank executive compensation, tie it to CDS spreads — Dealbreaker

Brad DeLong (again): We have a moral obligation to tax the rich at the peak of the Laffer Curve — Project Syndicate

Why is Schwarzman supporting Romney? Bain Capital made him a lot of money — Bloomberg

In a fit of billionaire whimsy, Warren Buffett buys his hometown newspaper — Reuters

Silver Lake thinks $16.60 a share is a good price for a chunk of Yahoo — Bloomberg


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“We have a moral obligation to tax”

Funny, that is not one of the moral precepts of any belief system that I am aware of…

I guess its true what they say, if you don’t believe anything you are prone to believe anything.

Posted by DanHess | Report as abusive

Felix, would you Brits please stop interfering with our politics? And that goes double for Piers Morgan. You British folk trashed freedom on your own little island, isn’t that enough?

Posted by DanHess | Report as abusive

@DanHess quoted Delong (“We have a moral obligation to tax”), and then wrote “Funny, that is not one of the moral precepts of any belief system that I am aware of…”

Since DanHess took Delong’s quote out of context, I’ll add that Delong was clearly talking about taxing the rich to alleviate the suffering of the poor. And that IS one of the moral precepts of many prominent belief systems that all should be aware of.

However, in response to Delong’s utilitarian argument, a great comment at the Project-Syndiacate post:

“The only logical and moral (according to Mr. DeLong) conclusion is that America and other developed countries should make massive transfers of wealth, jobs, income, and benefits to the Third World.”

Strict utilitarianism can be a slippery slope unless you have nothing left to loose (sayeth KrisK/JanisJ).

Posted by SteveHamlin | Report as abusive

@DanHess Just to quickly set the record straight, I do the Counterparties roundup posts, not Felix, and I’m American. I was also merely linking to DeLong’s position, not necessarily agreeing with it myself. We link to lots of posts that we disagree with.

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