By Nick Rizzo
December 6, 2011

Uh-oh: construction’s grinding to a halt in Chinese “ghost towns” — WSJ

I’m a big fan of Paul Krugman’s headline pun — NYT

Corzine suggested he’d quit if board members didn’t trust his MF Global Euro bet — WSJ

After promising not to, Wall Street firms have re-violated fraud laws at least 51 times — NYT

Be afraid of a run on the shadow banking system — WSJ

This is grisly: for-profit hospices are paying referral fees for dying patients — Bloomberg

Romney spent $100,000 in state money to erase his gubernatorial record — Reuters

A list of historical figures Newt Gingrich has compared himself to — The Atlantic Wire

Yahoo prepares to battle a brain drain — WSJ

Sorry, “international waters” is not itself a business model — Atlantic Cities

Why does the police department of Tampa, Florida need a tank? — The Daily


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Please do not bother linking to WSJ articles which are behind their paywall. It is a wasted click.

Posted by upstater | Report as abusive

Right on, upstater. It is often possible to work around the paywall through Google or GoogleNews, which I did for the shadow banking link. But better to tell people who don’t want to be be part of the open internet, “Suit yourself, you aren’t part of the open internet.”

Posted by kenjd | Report as abusive

@upstater I hear you on the WSJ paywall, but they do publish a lot of the best articles each day, and a number of our readers do have access to all their articles. I’ll raise your concerns today and see if we can’t find some kind of solution.

Posted by Nick Rizzo | Report as abusive

The way to circumvent paywalls is to use Google Cache. If you put the headline into a google search you can often find a cached version of the article. You must put up with the highlights, but you’re not paying $N for occasional infrequent access.

Posted by OnkelBob | Report as abusive

Rizzo, a suggestion: Just put “(paywall)” next to a link if it’s like the WSJ situation. You choose your counterparties, we choose whether to click

Posted by ottorock | Report as abusive