December 9, 2011

In this Counterparties, almost every link will have something to do with Europe:

Citigroup reckons Europe’s headed for a six quarter recession — FT Alphaville

Ireland’s central bank wants more printing presses in the event of a Euro collapse — WSJ

ING makes some charts predicting post-Euro economies — FT Alphaville

Financial stability is a pointless goal, “resiliency and resolution” is better — London Banker

Eurobonds could increase the risk of joint defaults — VoxEU

Ezra Klein: The Euro crisis is really about growth, not debt — Bloomberg

Funny: The shockingly short lifespan of today’s European treaty rumor — WSJ Marketbeat

The AP gets inside a secret CIA prison in Romania — Associated Press

Next week should have the most IPOs in the last four years — Renaissance Capital

And this Dutch wheelchair athlete was in a crash, is miraculously no longer disabled — Reuters

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