By Nick Rizzo
December 9, 2011

In this Counterparties, almost every link will have something to do with Europe:

Citigroup reckons Europe’s headed for a six quarter recession — FT Alphaville

Ireland’s central bank wants more printing presses in the event of a Euro collapse — WSJ

ING makes some charts predicting post-Euro economies — FT Alphaville

Financial stability is a pointless goal, “resiliency and resolution” is better — London Banker

Eurobonds could increase the risk of joint defaults — VoxEU

Ezra Klein: The Euro crisis is really about growth, not debt — Bloomberg

Funny: The shockingly short lifespan of today’s European treaty rumor — WSJ Marketbeat

The AP gets inside a secret CIA prison in Romania — Associated Press

Next week should have the most IPOs in the last four years — Renaissance Capital

And this Dutch wheelchair athlete was in a crash, is miraculously no longer disabled — Reuters

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Klein’s article is meandering to the point of being useless. And unless he is simply too afraid to put down his thoughts in writing, he seems to be in the strange habit of leaving most of his thoughts unfinished, most obviously when discussing what the Germans are using the crisis as leverage for. Do they really want to “drive down labor costs in the periphery” (that wonderful euphemism for inducing depressions and creating societies of wage slaves), when they also need those wage slaves to have high enough wages to buy german exports?

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