December 13, 2011

Turns out Italians work more hours than Germans, the Japanese, or Americans — Ritholtz

My, isn’t that a scary UK pension shortfall? — FT Alphaville

Steve Cohen thinks insider trading rules are “vague” — Reuters

He also hates the word “edge”; and please don’t call him “Stevey” — Reuters

.01% of the US gives 24.3% of all federal campaign spending — Sunlight Foundation

The best (and worst) hedge funds of 2011 — Fortune

Economists’ favorite charts of 2011 — BBC

The personal finance guru who thinks humans are inherently weak — Fortune

Here’s a good explainer of what the Higgs Boson, er, would be — Exploratorium

Champagne sales are up 15%, nearly to peak levels — WSJ (paywall?)

And Gawker and Business Insider are now also being sued by The New Yorker’s alleged art forger — Courthouse News Service

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