December 20, 2011

EU governments are propping up their banks in unusual ways — WSJ (paywall)

Why China is the “Michael Jackson” economy — Streetwise Professor

Companies are manufacturing in Puerto Rico, while off-shoring their taxes — Bloomberg

No-brainer issue of the year: let high-skill immigrants stay — The Atlantic

After all, immigrants founded almost half of the top US startup companies — Reuters

But that doesn’t mean we’re in favor of this development cash for visas scheme — NYT

Hedge funds can — legally! — pay for tips on laws before they’re passed — WSJ (paywall)

Mets and poker enthusiast David Einhorn explains why he’s short Green Mountain — Reuters

The new migrant workers: seasonal Amazon employees living in RVs — WSJ (paywall)

And VCs earned an average of 1.3% ¬†for their investors over the last decade — Entrepreneur


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