By Nick Rizzo
December 22, 2011

El-Erian: There’s more than a 1 in 3 chance the EU will implode — Bloomberg

Europeans are basically fleeing the continent in droves — Guardian

The world suddenly has a shortage of “risk-free” assets — WSJ (paywall)

Economists and politicians explain 2011 with (their favorite!) charts — Washington Post

BofA settles the Countrywide discrimination case for $335 million — Reuters

Dear Jamie Dimon… “we don’t hate the rich. What we hate are the predators.” — Reformed Broker

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I don’t want to call Jamie Dimon a “predator”. Predators are useful in ecology. And it may make him feel good about himself. The word “predator” carries “strength”, “fierceness”, “speed”, all attributes which are far too flattering to suit the kind to which Jamie Dimon belongs.

No. What I hate are thieves.

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European might flee the continent in droves, but the Guardian has trouble reading data: the World Bank tables are a tally of the stock of migrants at the end of 2010, not the flow during the year 2010. So 11% of the Greek population lives abroad, they didn’t all move there in one year.

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