December 23, 2011

S&P on Europe: still pretty much hopeless — Reformed Broker

Bernanke sees his shadow, may keep cheap money around for two more years — WSJ (paywall)

Meanwhile, Bloomberg releases all his 2007-2009 emergency lending data — Bloomberg

Low holiday prices should terrify retailers about the future — NYT

AIG’s CEO would like to hang around a while longer — WSJ (paywall)

FT Alphaville’s New York team present their awards video — FT Alphaville

What it was like to run a bar in Baghdad during the Iraq war — The Atlantic

Buzzfeed’s 50 funniest headlines from 2011 (two strange ones to follow) — Buzzfeed

Handsome accordian maker is North Korea’s kingmaker — Reuters

‘Gay Robot’ Heckles Bachmann At Iowa Event (VIDEO) — TPM

More links at and across the pond. I’ll be off next week, so your Counterparties posts will be by OG Felix Salmon himself. Thanks so much for reading, enjoy your holidays, and I’ll see you in the New Year!



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