December 30, 2011

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Hedge funds fudge their quarter-end valuation numbers — WSJ

Maybe because they’ve been lagging the stock market since 2003 — WSJ

“100 Tweets” opening next week at Dumbo Arts Center — DAC

The STRATFOR names-and-credit-card-numbers data dump — Pastebin

MSF Shocked And Deeply Saddened By The Killing Of Two Staff Members In Mogadishu — DWB

Samoa will have no Friday this week — NYT

Did Mark Hurd woo Jodie Fisher by showing her his checking account? — All Things D

I can’t see how ruining Rakoff’s Xmas for no reason was a very smart move by the SEC — Reuters

Carrick Mollenkamp gets his first Reuters byline — Reuters

The infuriating story of Ayded Reyes — ESPN


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