Felix Salmon

Why ECB lending won’t solve the euro crisis

“By this time next week,” says Simone Foxman, “the euro crisis could be over”; she obviously doesn’t think much of Fitch’s analysis, which concludes that “a ‘comprehensive solution’ to the eurozone crisis is technically and politically beyond reach”.


“‘Comprehensive solution’ to the eurozone crisis is technically and politically beyond reach” — Fitch

Why payments won’t ever be anonymous

I spent Wednesday night in Silicon Valley, at a very geeky discussion of Bitcoin, the unregulated digital currency which managed to get a lot of anarcho-utopians very excited. But Bitcoin fever seems to be on the wane right now, and the number of real-world places where Bitcoins can be spent is still, to a first approximation, zero.

Emerging-market debt and Pimco risk

Jenn Ablan and Matthew Goldstein’s article about the slow implosion of Pimco’s Total Return Fund is of interest to more than just Bill Gross watchers. Specifically, anybody in the large and growing universe of emerging-market debt has good reason to be very worried about this development.


Nouriel Roubini is (surprise!) not optimistic about the economy next year — Project Syndicate

Greece’s proposed 75% haircut

One of the most important parts of Greece’s restructuring deal — the agreement with its private creditors over what’s going to happen to its bonds — is still very much up in the air. The idea was originally that there would be an agreement by the middle of next week, but no one’s holding their breath, and it now seems as though it won’t be until the end of January at the earliest before any deal is done.

Do any real people support SOPA?

Very few of us live in a world remotely representative of the nation as a whole; I certainly don’t. How many of my friends and acquaintances have a college degree? How many live in dense urban centers? How many have smartphones? How many have ever voted Republican? In all these respects and many more, the world I see is incredibly skewed. But what about the Stop Online Piracy Act?


A new way the Euro crisis could become an American one — Business Insider

The EU reaches agreement… that prunes are not laxatives — Telegraph

James Murdoch’s entire defense is now he “did not read the full e-mail chain.” — NYT

The value of finding content to link to

I’m convinced there’s real value in driving readers to great content — and clearly I’m not alone: Outbrain has just raised another $35 million.