By Nick Rizzo
January 7, 2012

There’s very little good news forecast for the European economy — WSJ (paywall)

Just 3% of the 1.4 million net jobs added in the recovery went to women — NWLC

You know who the job recovery is bad news for? Mittens Romney — New Yorker

Why does the government consistently underestimate job creation? — Reuters

US manufacturing workers earn less than half as much as Canadians — WSJ (paywall)

The untold story of GE’s subprime debacle — I Watch News

Goolsbee: Washington isn’t spending too much now, but it will be later — WSJ (paywall)

And the political economy of wolf migration — Lawyers, Guns and Money


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I generally like the Counterparties section you guys do, but seriously what’s the point of linking paywalled articles? Those five or six lines aren’t really much better than a headline and hell if I’ll subscribe to a Murdoch paper…

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CDN, I’ve been able to get full access to paywalled articles occasionally. Perhaps a limit of one per day? Worth exploring.

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