By Nick Rizzo
January 10, 2012

The Greek economy is so bad that thousands of Greeks are taking up farming — NYT

Shocker: doubts grow about the Greek debt restructuring — Spiegel

While Romney was in charge of Bain, 22% of investments failed within 8 years — WSJ

Government jobs have declined further under Obama than any other President — NYT Economix

About 400 Goldman partners could see their pay cut this year — WSJ

The mathematics of Lego — Wired

And nearly 10% of the companies at CES have “Shenzhen” in their names — NYT Gadgetwise

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Not sure what the WSJ article is trying to say or what you are trying to infer. That only 80% of the companies Bain invested in didn’t fail? That it would have made more money if it hadn’t invested in investments that lost money? That some companies that Bain invested in eventually failed, sometimes long after Bain was involved?

The phraseology suggests some sort of scandal. Care to expand on what that might be?

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