By Nick Rizzo
January 11, 2012

The Mafia is now the number one bank in Italy, by one estimate — Reuters

A common misconception about what Reinhart and Rogoff mean for the US economy — BI

The “Iowa effect” and the county at the center of America’s farm boom — Reuters

The unsustainable history of US healthcare costs in 7 charts — Washington Post Wonkblog (duh)

The 36-year-old head of the best-performing hedge fund is posher than you — Bloomberg

And former MF Global employees had a Jon Corzine pinata party. Good for them — FINS


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I am not faliliar with policy. But I can say The One who devotes one’s effort for the nations will win in a contest.

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Isaac: Your faith is touching, but actual history shows that the one who raises the most money wins 94% of the time. This is why serious candidates spend so much of their time at fundraisers, and why only candidates polling under 5% waste time with realistic policy proposals.

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