March 23, 2012

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The presumed next head of the World Bank is not a replica of Robert McNamara, Paul Wolfowitz, or even Robert Zoellick. He’s a South Korea-born, MacArthur “genius” award winner, the co-founder of a ground-breaking NGO and holds an M.D. and a PhD. He’s been on a host of magazine lists of influentials and is the first Asian-American head of an Ivy League college.

He’s also, arguably, a triple-threat (rapping, dancing, singing):

There’s more triple-threating from Jim Kim here.

It’s a surprise pick. Kim, Felix warns, has no experience navigating the Game of Thrones-like structures of world geopolitics. But, there’s reason for a kind of measured hope. And not only because Jeff Sachs is on board.

Fred Hiatt notes, “Kim will be the first bank leader who has dedicated most of his professional life to working with and for the world’s poor.” Hiatt adds that Partners in Health, the NGO Kim co-founded, took a unique approach to public health: “One of its key innovations was to enlist the poor themselves into the health system, training community workers to make sure, for example, that patients take their TB or AIDS medicines every day.”

This could be significant departure for the World Bank, which controls some $57 billion in aid dollars. And Kim says some very encouraging things in this talk at Boston University. It stands to reason that a doctor-anthropologist might at least attempt to take a wholly different approach to the World Bank’s mission than a technocrat.

So there’s some reason for optimism. We would certainly not want to hear Bob Zoellick sing.

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