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June 18, 2012

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Sunday’s Greek election ended with a narrow victory for the conservative, pro-bailout New Democracy party, which now must try to form a coalition government. That is, of course, the same untenable status quo that preceded the election.

Meanwhile, the NYT reports that European leaders are working toward a “grand vision” that, at first blush, sounds a lot like the many vague promises we’ve heard from eurozone officials before. The plan this time is to prevent bank runs and what the NYT’s Jack Ewing calls the “vicious cycle of government debt problems turning into banking crises”. But like everything in Europe, the politics of this are tricky; Lisa Pollack walks us through who wants banking union, a closer political union, a fiscal union or some permutation of the three.

There are already indications a banking union is on the horizon: European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso reiterated his earlier statement that some form of deposit guarantee system and resolution authority will be proposed by this fall. You can wait until then, right?

In the interim, Tim Duy thinks the only way to stop lurching from one sovereign-debt panic to another (aka the status quo) is for the ECB to be able to act as lender of last resort when euro zone countries are at risk of default. Hugo Dixon says that as imperative as a banking union may be, it will take years to complete.

Years, unfortunately, is exactly what Europe doesn’t have. Spanish 10-year bond yields are back above 7%, European bank stocks dropped, and Greek banks look shakier. – Ben Walsh

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