What I did on my summer holiday

August 31, 2012
felixsalmon.com, but I'm back where I belong now.

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I’m back! I apologize for the fact that this blog — and all of blogs.reuters.com, for that matter — was down for the past two weeks. I did put a few posts up in the interim at felixsalmon.com, but I’m back where I belong now.

In a way, the outage was well-timed: I’d already booked a trip to Maine, and could take the opportunity to really get off the grid and enjoy hiking and biking and camping and things like that. And it was while I was up in Maine that Quarterly came out with the announcement I would be one of their latest contributors. I’m rather excited about this: I’m basically in the ideas industry, which means I rarely get to professionally indulge my passion for things.

I’m still in the process of putting together my first Quarterly package, but I will drop a hint and say that it’s going to be much closer to my offline sojourn than to my normal online existence. If you subscribe, I can guarantee you that no matter what hackers do to any website where I’m hosted, any Quarterly packages you have of mine will be serenely unaffected.

And with that plug, I’ll now have a short day of econoblogging, followed by a long Labor Day weekend. It’s always good to let oneself back into these things gently.


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