Comments on: Kickstarter vaporware of the day, Lifx edition A slice of lime in the soda Sun, 26 Oct 2014 19:05:02 +0000 hourly 1 By: TealThanatos Tue, 14 Jan 2014 10:36:16 +0000 I’ve received my lifx bulb in the last week.

As a backer, I was worried about the light bulb being vaporware.

But it was a risk I was willing to take for two reasons. One, I would have liked to have the lightbulb, and two, I wanted to back someone who was willing to make it.

Do I expect the majority of what was promised? Yes. Do I expect it all? no. I’m not as stupid to believe every kickstarter project is going to be _exactly_ how its portrayed. This is close enough.

By: DefraudedByLIFX Thu, 19 Dec 2013 00:39:52 +0000 .

By: DefraudedByLIFX Thu, 19 Dec 2013 00:37:26 +0000 Nice pic and mature response, Phil. Pity that’s probably the batch you sent off to Best Buy, since most of your backers still don’t have their bulbs. Those that do don’t have your promised features, such as:
*Open, documented communication protocol (seemingly-scrapped in favour of a closed protocol and a promise of ‘libraries’ while developers have been left to reverse-engineer the system in lieu of documentation of information)
*Functional on iOS and Android devices (not functional on Android)
*Fits into any light fitting you can fit a light bulb (the oversized LIFX bulb won’t fit many of your common lighting features)
*Features such as notification alerts from mobile devices (seemingly-scrapped/not mentioned since launch)
*Automatic On/Off based on user location (seemingly-scrapped/not mentioned since launch)
*Sunrise/sunset wake-up/sleep methods (seemingly-scrapped/not mentioned since launch)
*Music visualisation (seemingly-scrapped/not mentioned since launch)
*40,000 hour / up to 25 year standards (it is not possible when the bulbs run up to 100°C – there’s also only a 2 year warranty on a ’25 year’ bulb, if that doesn’t tell you something)
*Create a night light for your kids (With a 100°C bulb? What kids are you trying to maim here? Children’s night lights use low-wattage bulbs that generate minimal heat)
*Security mode when you’re on holidays (still only basic on/off/colour functionality, even on iOS – no mention of remote access at present)
*Downlight [GU10] bulbs available (These were stripped off the early-run manufacturing list with no prior notification to backers. These are now to be delivered at an indeterminable date)
*Scripting engine on the bulb for near-infinite customisation (No scripting engine – as mentioned above, no documentation on device communication at all)
*Guaranteed first delivery to your backers (They’ve now gone to retailers while backers are still waiting)

I ask you, Phil, who’s the real hack here? Seems Felix was far more prophetic than you’d like to admit.

By: jcmcca Wed, 18 Dec 2013 18:18:47 +0000 So was that pallet bound for Best Buy, or actual backers?

By: jcmcca Wed, 18 Dec 2013 18:11:12 +0000 So was that shipment bound for Best Buy, as opposed to one of your actual backers? Any comments on your abandonment of the backer community and your terrible management skills? What about your almost complete apparent lack of ethics?

Also, will you be back to apologize when your bulbs start burning out in short shrift?

By: IHateLIFX Tue, 17 Dec 2013 07:58:16 +0000 It took 9 months longer than you said while still not providing a finished product. Not only that but you f*cked over the people that allowed you to start your company. You actually sent out the products that WE paid for to retailers when you explicitly promised you wouldn’t!

So before you go around calling people a “Hack” maybe you should have a look at yourself!

By: PhilBosua Tue, 26 Nov 2013 07:50:03 +0000 Took a little longer than I hoped but here’s my detailed response.

Thanks for supporting innovation, you hack.

By: Batch8888 Mon, 10 Jun 2013 14:59:50 +0000 Oh how easy it is to be a critic, slinging arrows from the comfort of your office chairs. So readily some of you criticise the inspirational efforts of others, from what would appear to be a background of well … just writing. Don’t get me wrong I love writers but some of you really don’t have very good ground to be forming such strong opinions. have you ever started a company, made a sale, created a new service, a new product, talked to a real customer?

Felix you make a big point about the design presented in the LIFX video, comparing the LIFX illustration to some failed prior company’s product. “It’s pretty clear from the video that the prototype barely has a heat sink at all.”

Well if you had gone shopping you would have bought LED bulbs that design wise are pretty similar to the LIFX illustration. To a backer like myself I would expect that at the time of the first video the prototype, would in fact be many prototypes and have many iterations. Not every prototype perhaps needed the heat sink. Its a proto-type. If you pause at 2:00 in the video (night light for your kids) you can clearly see a heat sink on THAT prototype. Also pause at 3:20, looks like a heat sink to me. Your statement quoted is just embarassingly factually wrong and even if we had seen only smooth bulbs, so what? Its a prototype.

IMHO Kickstarter should take care not to lose the very essence of why its become successful. We Kickstarter’s love the idea we can feel part of the development of something new and cool. We are the absolute definition of Geoffrey Moore’s early adopters.

For example Ive backed the Taktik case on KickStarter. I missed the Pebble but pre-ordered one. Im waiting for my shipment. I also missed the close of the LIFX but have pre-ordered a single lamp. Price of admission, a few hundred bucks at risk.

For my day job Im in the consumer electronics and mobile phone business. I represent brands looking to expand into Asia, Australia & New Zealand. I love it.

I fully appreciate the enormous challenges that can be faced bringing new products to market. For large companies and small. However Ive also experienced the incredible speed, experience and skill of Aussie entrepreneurs and Chinese manufacturers. I also know that despite their huge resources, large companies sometimes can’t overcome their cultures to be truly innovative. There are so many case studies.

Ive seen various KickStarter projects eg for i-product stands and the like. These are often neat in their design, but essentially simple to mass produce. IMHO Taktik people made a fairly complex case and did a great job, it took longer than they thought. But they essentially were using well known tools, materials and standards.

I think projects like LIFX are pretty exciting.

Perhaps some people here should do what I did today and wander down to the local mass merchant retailers ALREADY SELLING LED lamps that screw into existing fixtures. There are a few choices of brands available. For those of you unable to get out of your house/blog just Google or Amazon for LED bulbs.

So much for the technology isn’t here yet.

Also of course Wi-Fi is widely deployed and Zigbee (used by Philips) is not well known to consumers but widely used in industrial situations and places like vineyards (low power, comms networks).

The MAGIC that LIFX has brought to the table is to imagine a new way to bring several existing technologies together in what looks like will be a very elegant solution.

The Philips Hue looks like a great leap forward (and according to online reports has sold out everywhere). However its also a bit clunky looking and needs an additional ‘base station’ hard wired into your LAN. Kinda old thinking IMHO.

The entrepreneurial spirit evidenced by Kickstarter founders is the life blood of the world economy. Having done several start ups myself I can truly appreciate their challenges but know also the thrill of achieving something significant that everyone said could not be done.

Some projects will remain small and some may well fail. Some will deliver less than we hoped. Some may have stunning success and redefine a category. There will be (may have been already?) crooked players. Some will cause the established players to finally get it right.

Whether or not Kickstarter keeps supporting product developments in tech that cat is out of the proverbial bag. Someone or some other websites will for sure. I hope the Kickstarter founders and funders come to their senses. Funding early stage design products is precisely their sweet spot.

There are plenty of us out there that see the future as bright and are happy to share a little risk in exchange for a share of the ride.

Consider yourself Pebbled!

Have an awesome LIFX. :-)

cheers Batch

PS while I support the idea of better disclosure of risks and perhaps experience too would be nice, if you think written or video disclaimers about the risks is going to protect Joe Public you really weren’t paying attention through the sub-prime crises. :-) IMHO

By: tempo36 Sun, 17 Feb 2013 00:34:52 +0000 I will say that so far I’m somewhat impressed. LIFX appears to have at least produced an interesting prototype (though not one that I think they can remotely deliver in March since they just finalized this prototype). mouse/lifx-the-light-bulb-reinvented/pos ts/406296

They’re claiming 900+ lumens which is very impressive if it’s accurate. I’m curious if that is 900+ lumens when “pure white” or if it’s capable of producing 900+ lumens of green, red, rose, blue, etc.

What is most interesting is the compromise they made in design to manage heat. It’s one of the possible compromises that most of us skeptics assumed would be necessary. The final design and the heat simulations they’ve showed, show a bulb with likely all unidirectional LED placement. Their enclosure may help diffuse that light to some extent but I suspect it will be a limitation of their design. So for settings where directional light is OK, they may have a great bulb here. So far no one in their backer pool seems to be concerned about the directionality of that bulb and indeed in many situations it may be a non-issue.

Just a quick search yields that unidirectional bulbs are a lot easier to produce strong output…1050 lumens in this quick google find: t-LED-Flood-Bulb/17300460

But it looks like they’ll ship something that’s at least interesting, even if it’s not game changing.

By: stinch Sun, 27 Jan 2013 18:17:11 +0000 rnoon/

Looks like they have a factory which is going to start working towards a prototype. They still think they will ship by March.

I suspect they will push far too hard to hit the unrealistic ship date which they will miss. Then end up shipping much later with a compromised product that doesn’t meet anybodies expectations (buggy software, low light output etc.).