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December 26, 2012

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Japan is moving toward “explicit monetizing of deficit spending” – Tim Duy
Paul Krugman considers robots, wonders if economic growth could be over – NYT
Artifical intelligence is the key to economic growth — or economic stagnation – Mother Jones
Philanthropy: You’re doing it wrong – Felix

Over the last decade, hedge funds have been absolutely crushed by basic investing – Economist

Right On
It’s time for the government to stop subsidizing obesity – Mark Bittman

The economy will take a hit under almost every fiscal cliff deal scenario – Sudeep Reddy

The 100 best lists of all time – New Yorker

The hottest internet stock of the year has been AOL for some reason – Kara Swisher

The “must read” business stories of the year – Ryan Chittum

Tough Choices
Get a college degree or make $50,000 a year working in an oil field? – NYT

It’s Academic
Researchers discover that elephants have four distinct personality types – BBC

A VC at Passion Capital arrested for “groin thrusting” on London’s Tube – TechCrunch


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