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December 27, 2012

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Among the “wide-ranging reforms” at Foxconn factories: chairs to sit in – NYT

Must Read
How the heirs of China’s top communist leaders became ridiculously rich – Bloomberg

Geithner: We’ll hit the debt limit on December 31 – Treasury Department
Our nation is teetering on the precipice of the “milk cliff” – Suzy Khimm
Millionaires dying to avoid estate taxes – John Carney

Guns kills people, in one chilling graph – Ezra Klein
The social costs of gunownership: “An intensification of criminal violence… greater harm to the community” – Philip Cook and Jens Ludwig
Hawaii is literally dissolving from within – Honolulu Star-Advertiser

New Normal
Income inequality in contemporary US worse than Tsarist Russia – Matt Yglesias
Computers replace humans as authors of hoax academic papers – Cory Doctorow

Financial Arcana
Snow futures, anyone? – CME

Popular Myths
If the economy were normal, the deficit actually wouldn’t be that big of a problem – Evan Soltas

“The key downside risk for the US economy in 2013 is too much austerity, too quickly” – Calculated Risk

Sweden’s war on cash – Ludwig von Mises Institute

95 Goldman employees in the UK made $273 million in 2011 – Guardian

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