Next steps

February 1, 2013

Three weeks ago, Joe Pompeo reported that “the one area still in recruitment mode”, when it comes to the brand-new Reuters website launching in March, was “the business vertical, the broad direction of which is being overseen by Ryan McCarthy and Reuters columnist Felix Salmon”.

Reuters Next, as it’s known internally, will be a ground-up reboot of — and Pompeo is absolutely right that we need a couple of amazing, web-native business and finance geeks to help run that section.

We’re looking for people who can write, of course: the site will need quick, clean, memorable posts on everything from central banking policy to Facebook’s latest product launch. But, even more importantly, we’re looking for people who can read. Why match when you can  link?

The vision for business section of the site is that it will be a single source for readers to find the best business news and analysis online — regardless of source. The news will come from Reuters and from the rest of the web. As for the analysis, sometimes we’ll link to it, sometimes we’ll reprint it from elsewhere, and sometimes we’ll write it ourselves. Which means that although writing is going to be a key skill for anybody on the team, we’re looking for writers of the contextualizing, value-adding sort — rather than reporters.

This property won’t look or feel like any other business section — it’ll be smarter, linkier and much more aware of the conversation. Practically, that means blending Reuters content with prominent external links, hover-and-dive blogging (which elides the distinction between a blog and a liveblog), great headlines, semi-traditional news blogging, op-eds, lots of charts, and of course a keen eye on social media in general and the ongoing Twitter conversation in particular.

If you’re interested, please send a resume and a short note to [Also, please apply through official channels here. ] Be sure to include your Twitter handle!


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