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I enjoy your e-mails and look forward to your “Counterparties” digest each day. Thanks.

Although I’m computer savvy and I’ve been on the internet since before there were browsers I don’t follow anyone on Twitter and up until the bombing I’d heard of but never been to Reddit’s site. However, during the manhunt I did read the Reddit threads which summarized in near-real time the police scanner chatter and I did read Seth Mnookin’s Twitter feed–the experience was a revelation. (I also kept track of CNN on TV and the NYT, CNN, CBS, and Fox web pages).

My observations?

–CNN and the major news web pages were an hour or two behind the Reddit thread except at the very end when the suspect was apprehended.
–CNN and the major news web pages were *greatly* lacking in detail.
–CNN, at least, was embarrassing to watch. To use one prominent example, they had video of “Naked Guy”–by the time CNN started broadcasting the video Reddit already was saying the guy was not a suspect. CNN replayed that footage for an hour at least (maybe more, I gave up on CNN at that point) and breathlessly interviewed and reinterviewed their own camera man as their only eyewitness to the detention of the Naked Guy. They repeatedly called him a suspect in the bombings, often calling him “Suspect #2.” Meanwhile on Reddit the real story, far ahead of CNN, was rapidly unfolding.
–CNN (and maybe the other media outlets) had trouble following the moving action. They got stuck broadcasting from a given physical location and didn’t seem able to move locations easily.

The only great *reporting* (vs. summarizing scanner chatter) that I observed was an excellent piece in the NYT that described the shootout with the brothers that appeared early in the manhunt.

I wish I had seen Pete Williams because my confidence in the TV and print media to convey a rapidly moving story is greatly diminished.


By: Lilguy Mon, 22 Apr 2013 14:34:08 +0000 Re: “News is something true and important and relevant”

I just wish this were true more of the time.

And being UNBIASED wouldn’t hurt either!

By: fresnodan Mon, 22 Apr 2013 10:24:08 +0000 You know, a few years ago the issue of the day for MSM was “un-named sources” – as that was leading to a lot of the problems. And for a little period of time, perhaps a hundreth of a nano second,there was an effort to try and reduce un-named sources.

Read any article in a newspaper, underline the facts and statements attributed to an actual identifiable person….and you have a paragraph at most. The rest is supposition, conjecture, hypothesizing, speculation, guessing, and outrageous rumour mongering….

If you remember that “news” is a profit making enterprize, it puts what you see in perspective.
How many people have been murdered per day in the US since January 1? The news media does not care about your life or your well being – they care about entertaining you so they can sell advertizing. Which is fine…

By: rjs0 Mon, 22 Apr 2013 09:31:44 +0000 it brought out the worst in this country… overreaction…

if an armed & violent 19 year old black kid was running from the law in a city like detroit, chicago. or st louis, would they bring in troops & shut the whole city down?