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Nick Rizzo
Nov 10, 2011 23:35 UTC

“The euro zone is in a death spiral.” — The Economist

The Fed should buy every single Euro bond owned by a U.S. bank. Now. — Brad DeLong

Oops! S & P accidentally downgraded France, then issued a correction — Bloomberg

In the wake of MF Global, all American futures trading firms will be audited — Dealbook

Study shows that banks that received bailout funds soon took on more risk — Credit Writedowns

Congratulations, Jefferson County: you are now the biggest municipal bankruptcy in American history — Bloomberg

Why Americans won’t do dirty jobs — Businessweek

Ringtones are a $2.1 billion a year business — AllThingsD

Research in Motion will keep developing Flash, even after Adobe has abandoned it — Electronista

Zynga to employees: Surrender your stock or be fired — WSJ

Watch out Jamba, Starbucks is in the juice game now — Reuters

The way we were: a decade of anti-Berlusconi Economist covers — The Economist

All these links and many more are available at Counterparties.com


@TFF, we gotta have our iPhones, even if we’re picking crops.

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Nick Rizzo
Nov 9, 2011 23:48 UTC

Some of the links today from Counterparties.com:

Why the ECB couldn’t save Italy even if it wanted to — WSJ

Echoes of pre-crash Japan in China today — Chovanec

The huge Chinese loan-sharking industry has lead to suicides and disappearances — Bloomberg

Some MF Global customers may have to “share cash” — Businessweek

Krugman: The return of secular stagnation — The Conscience of a Liberal

Bruce Bartlett: The Fed has an obligation to do more about unemployment — NYT Economix

Oil companies have ex-military “psy ops” experts fighting anti-fracking “insurgency” — CNBC

Goldman raised its lawsuit allowances thirty-fold — Reuters

Yelp is planning an IPO, at a $1 to $2 billion valuation — WSJ

And Raj Rajaratnam will pay a $92.8 million dollar penalty, or more than five Kardashian weddings’ earnings — Dealbook


Nick Rizzo
Nov 8, 2011 22:38 UTC

World faces subpar growth for the next 14 years, Conference Board says — WSJ

“Italy is at the brink of being unable to afford to borrow in the public markets” — WSJ

SEC is shocked to learn that banks continue to break the law after promising not to — NYT

Wall Street bonuses are set to fall up to 30% — Dealbook

FHA loans for low-income homebuyers are increasingly going to the wealthy — Bloomberg

Michael Lewis on “The King of Human Error” — Vanity Fair

The text of the NYT vs. Huffington Post “Parentlode” lawsuit — Scribd

How Bill Daley and Washington Elites misread America — New York Magazine


Nick Rizzo
Nov 7, 2011 23:42 UTC

Some fresh links available, as always, on Counterparties.com:

“The eurozone decouples from the world” — FT

Namibia’s bonds are now safer than Italy’s — The Globe and Mail

MF Global clients have “zero clarity” about their missing cash — Reuters

NY Fed: The repo market still has “potentially systemic” risks — NY Fed

The wealth gap between young and old Americans is at a record high — Pew Social Trends

22.4% of young male high school graduates are unemployed — WSJ

The most remunerative college majors — WSJ Real Time Economics

Malcolm Gladwell: Steve Jobs was more “tweaker” than inventor — New Yorker

Great headline: “Greenwich lean time” as hedgies ditch CT real estate — NY Post

And Robert DeNiro will be playing Madoff in an HBO film — The Hollywood Reporter


Nick Rizzo
Nov 4, 2011 23:24 UTC

An illustrated guide to “Europe’s insult diplomacy” — Businessweek

“The epistemology of U.S. banks’ European exposure” — FT Alphaville

The G20′s list of banks that are Too Big To Fail — WSJ

MF Global used an old trick to hide its debt — WSJ

MF Global: JPMorgan has our missing $658 million — Bloomberg

1 chart, 32 ways of looking at unemployment — NPR

Apple’s supply-chain secret? Hoarding lasers, like a James Bond villain — Businessweek

And the NY Observer’s Betabeat blog doesn’t understand the difference between pricing and opening for IPOs — Betabeat


Nick Rizzo
Nov 3, 2011 22:20 UTC

Another compelling argument that we are approaching the Italian endgame — FT Alphaville

The Keynesian who 20 years ago saw through the Euro — New Yorker

If Papandreou wins his confidence vote, then he’ll step down. Maybe — Reuters

The US will not implement a Tobin tax, no matter how nicely you ask — WSJ Real Time Economics

After a great deal of confusion yesterday, Brad DeLong now thinks he understands what MF Global was thinking, but that doesn’t mean it was smart — Brad DeLong

US gasoline consumption is down 5% year-over-year, the most since 2008 — The Bonddad Blog

60% of China’s rich want to leave the country — Credit Writedowns

The smartest people in DC are 100% wrong about the economy — Business Insider

Bank of America threatened a Utah woman with foreclosure over a single dollar — Consumerist

Over the last 2 years, 80% of the hottest IPOs later tanked — Businessweek



Nick Rizzo
Nov 2, 2011 22:12 UTC

Morgan says its exposure to Spain is $500 million; a regulator says its $25 billion — Bloomberg

“Faced with two unappetizing choices, Greece seems intent on choosing neither” — New Yorker

Joe Weisenthal thinks this chart explains a lot about Greece — Business Insider

Why were people giving their money to MF Global in the first place? — Brad DeLong

Almost a third of jobless Americans have been out of work more than a year — Pew

15% of all Americans are on food stamps — WSJ Real Time Economics

Do more arts and humanities grads mean that college is oversold? — Marginal Revolution

Inside the transnational organ-selling gangs — Bloomberg

Big brands are just now learning that they can use Facebook for free — WSJ

Groupon spent nearly as much on marketing as Visa — AdAge

And AOL’s traffic is barely higher despite acquiring the Huffington Post — AllThingsD


The Visa/Groupon advertising comparison, while technically accurate, may be a little misleading. This is just Visa’s own ad budget which is purely their brand advertising. All the customer acquisition for Visa cards is done by the acquiring banks and surely dwarfs this number and Groupon’s spend.

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Nick Rizzo
Nov 1, 2011 22:32 UTC

Just a few of the many links on Counterparties.com today:

“It’s all over. The government is about to collapse,” says one Greek official — Guardian

Tim Duy wonders if the EU deal just collapsed — Tim Duy’s Fed Watch

Hundreds of millions of customer dollars are missing from MF Global — Dealbook

China’s PMI manufacturing index is at its lowest level in almost three years — Bloomberg

Credit Suisse plans to get rid of 1500 more jobs — Bloomberg

New York federal prosecutors are seeking $2.5 billion from Allied Home Mortgage — Reuters

Fannie and Freddie execs will take their bonuses now, please — Politico

Bruce Feld: Racism is alive and well in Silicon Valley (or at least US military installations) — Feld

And Meredith Whitney went as Puss in Boots to her office’s costume party — Dealbook


did Whitney’s husband, JBL, go as Randy “the Ram” ??

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Nick Rizzo
Nov 1, 2011 00:41 UTC

Here are a few of our links today from Counterparties.com:

The 30 year return on bonds is higher than equities for the first time in 150 years — Bloomberg

Brad DeLong is not a huge fan of the ECB — Project Syndicate

Germany has $78 billion more than thought after discovering an accounting error — Der Spiegel

Bill Gross wonders how one can solve a debt crisis with more debt — PIMCO

Prince Charles has been offered the veto over 12 UK government bills since 2005 — Guardian

The Treasury Department will hold off on selling more of its 77% share of AIG for now — WSJ

Here’s a good, long piece on the changes Jon Corzine made at MF Global — Reuters

And here’s his MF Global employment agreement — SEC

The more important (but less covered) Herman Cain scandal of the day — Journal Sentinel

Together for a year, Newsweek and the Daily Beast are (surprise!) still not profitable — Adweek


That’s a felony? Seriously? On what charge?

Even after reading the accusations, I don’t have a clue what they were supposed to have done or why it is supposed to be wrong. (Likely why nobody will ever hire me to run a political campaign.)

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