Felix Salmon

Whither Groupon?

By Felix Salmon
September 1, 2011

Our fabulous social media guru, Anthony DeRosa, doesn’t use Groupon, and neither do I, and neither do any of the people in our social circles, that we know of. Now we’re guys, while Groupon skews female. And most likely we do know people who use Groupon; we just don’t know who they are. But the fact is that at heart it’s pretty uncool. That’s fine — many hugely successful companies are uncool and based on saving people money, up to and including Walmart. But here’s the problem: Groupon can’t afford to be uncool just yet, because it needs to do one last big capital-raising round at a high valuation in order to get the cash it’s going to burn through in the coming year or two.

Why I’m talking about Tim Cook’s sexuality

By Felix Salmon
August 26, 2011

Every so often I put a blog post up, start getting feedback on it, and realize I’ve got things horribly wrong. And then sometimes, very rarely, the opposite happens: I put up a post and discover that I was more right than I ever suspected. My post yesterday on Tim Cook’s sexuality is one of those times.

Thanks, Steve

By Felix Salmon
August 24, 2011

It’s a sad day: only this morning I was reminiscing about my days exploring the Apple Macintosh in Palo Alto in 1984. Like much of the world right now, I’m reliving Steve Jobs’s greatest hits on YouTube, I’ve got a bit of a tear in my eye, and yet I can’t imagine how Jobs could possibly go out on a higher note than this.

Joe Weisenthal is right about the Ira Sohn conference

By Felix Salmon
May 25, 2011

Joe Weisenthal says I’m wrong about the Ira Sohn conference. But that doesn’t mean he thinks that David Gaffen is right. Gaffen reckons that people go to these events so that they can trade in and out of stocks in the space of 10 minutes. Weisenthal, by contrast, sees value somewhere else entirely:

Felix TV: The Ira Sohn conference

By Felix Salmon
May 24, 2011

It’s the Ira Sohn conference tomorrow, with well over a thousand people paying four-digit sums, and sometimes more, for the privilege of listening to boldface fund managers talk about their investment ideas. The conference gets a lot of press, not least from Reuters, but these presentations are not the kind of thing that individual investors — or even financial journalists — are really qualified to judge.

Felix TV: The next head of the IMF

By Felix Salmon
May 17, 2011

Most of this video is reasonably serious: I genuinely do think that Christine Lagarde is going to be the next managing director of the IMF. And it probably won’t take long before she gets the job, either.

Too Big To Fail, the movie

By Felix Salmon
May 11, 2011

Over the weekend I watched the HBO movie version of Too Big To Fail, and I talked to Andrew Ross Sorkin about it on Monday.

Art as a game

By Felix Salmon
April 27, 2011

Adam Lindemann and Amalia Dayan make a great couple: they’re both immersed in the upper reaches of the art market, with Adam mostly buying and Amalia mostly selling. I spoke to them at the Artelligence conference — an entire event devoted to the dubious concept of “art as an asset class” — after they presented a slideshow of works which were sold at auction in 1973 and which are worth lots of money today.

Felix TV: The peculiar economics of event ticketing

By Felix Salmon
March 17, 2011

Remember the weirdness surrounding LCD Soundsystem tickets? Well, it applies to sporting events too, as this video explains. Shortly after it was made, Jim Ledbetter sold his Knicks tickets for $500 each, which allowed him to net a pleasant profit on their $110 face value and still see the game from a cheaper section.