Felix Salmon

How Groupon accounts for its deals

By Felix Salmon
April 3, 2012

It’s another bad day for Groupon: not only is Andrew Ross Sorkin using the company as Exhibit A in his opposition to the JOBS Act, but more worryingly the WSJ is now reporting that the SEC is examining the earnings revision which Groupon announced yesterday.

Whither Groupon?

By Felix Salmon
September 1, 2011

Our fabulous social media guru, Anthony DeRosa, doesn’t use Groupon, and neither do I, and neither do any of the people in our social circles, that we know of. Now we’re guys, while Groupon skews female. And most likely we do know people who use Groupon; we just don’t know who they are. But the fact is that at heart it’s pretty uncool. That’s fine — many hugely successful companies are uncool and based on saving people money, up to and including Walmart. But here’s the problem: Groupon can’t afford to be uncool just yet, because it needs to do one last big capital-raising round at a high valuation in order to get the cash it’s going to burn through in the coming year or two.