Felix Salmon

When bankers turn honest

August 28, 2009

Peter Thal Larsen notes that the former CEO of JP Morgan Cazenove is now admitting that investment banks overcharge. This jibes with my experience in Switzerland: at one dinner I sat next to the former CEO of a large Swiss bank, who was very happy to admit that private banks gouge their clients by charging a low 1% management fee but then stuffing their clients’ accounts with own-brand structured products, all of which come with enormous fees and commissions attached. Could it be that one silver lining to the financial crisis is an outbreak of honesty among former bank executives?

UBS: Where will the other 5,550 names come from?

August 19, 2009

The UBS numbers, as reported by the WSJ, don’t make a lot of sense to me:

UBS AG will hand over some 4,450 names of U.S. account holders as part of a U.S.-Swiss tax-evasion settlement and investigation that could produce in total 10,000 account identities, according to people familiar with the situation…