Felix Salmon

The changing landscape of the TV business

December 30, 2009

Andrew Vanacore has a long and sometimes confusing overview of the state of play in the television industry, which concentrates on the possibility that one or more networks might convert into cable channels sooner or later. But there seem to be lacunae in the story — not least the large number of cable channels which pay for the privilege of being featured in the cable-TV lineup, rather than being paid by the cable companies.

Is 3G wireless doomed in cities?

December 29, 2009

Is AT&T’s inability to provide decent wireless broadband in tech-savvy cities like New York and San Francisco a simple matter of physics? Phorgy says yes:

Bad idea of the day: A crippled iPhone

May 18, 2009

Olga Kharif speculates that AT&T might release a crippled iPhone later this month: