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South Korea to push for naked short selling of bonds

November 20, 2009

By Cheon Jong-woo and Seo Eun-kyung
SEOUL, Nov 20 (Reuters) – A top South Korean regulator said on Friday the authorities would take steps to encourage local and foreign banks to use naked short selling of bonds, a move analysts said could trigger a flood of foreign buying.

China seeks feedback on bond trade tax changes

November 12, 2009

    By Hua Zhong
   SHANGHAI, Nov 12 (Reuters) – China’s State Administration of Taxation is seeking suggestions from the industry on standardising the basis of different types of bond trading on  how they will be taxed, which may dampen trading activity, several sources told Reuters. (more…)

Bank of Japan extends funding steps, with eye on exit

July 15, 2009

Bank of Japan Governor Governor Masaaki ShirakawaBy Hideyuki Sano
TOKYO, July 15 (Reuters) – The Bank of Japan voted to extend its corporate finance-support measures by three months, after which they could be scaled backed or scrapped if financial conditions keep improving, the head of the central bank said on Wednesday. (more…)