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EU ministers pledge to end banker bonus party

September 2, 2009

Sweden's Finance Minister Anders Borg addresses a news conference during an European Union finance ministers meeting in Brussels September 2, 2009.     REUTERS/Francois Lenoir By Anna Willard
BRUSSELS, Sept 2 (Reuters) – European finance ministers pledged on Wednesday to clamp down on banker bonuses, raising the prospect of spreading such payouts over years or demanding back money if business turns sour.

E.U. business group says China backslides on access reforms

September 2, 2009

BEIJING, Sept 2 (Reuters) – China is backsliding on reforms to open up its economy to foreign business, thereby hindering competition and imperilling its shift to a new model of sustainable growth, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China said on Wednesday.

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Pensioners totter to the rescue

August 4, 2009

It may look like an unlikely scenario on paper, but Europe's elderly masses could be about to provide the killer blow to draft EU rules to regulate the alternative investment industry.

Pension funds join battle over EU hedge fund rules

August 4, 2009

By Joel Dimmock
LONDON, Aug 4 (Reuters) – British pension funds have begun exerting pressure to change proposed European Union rules that would impose new regulations on the hedge fund and alternative investment sector.

EU shows antitrust toughness with Microsoft case

August 3, 2009

European Commissioner for Competition Neelie Kroes

By Foo Yun Chee
BRUSSELS, Aug 3 (Reuters) – Microsoft’s offer to settle a decade-long battle with EU antitrust regulators cements the European Commission’s reputation as one of the world’s toughest watchdogs and could force other firms to follow its example.

How the EU will force banks to save for rainy day

July 29, 2009

BRUSSELS, July 29 (Reuters) – The European Commission is consulting with the banking industry and others about more rules to make banks build up a buffer to ride market downturns.

EU ministers agree on flexible bank capital rules

July 7, 2009

European Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquin Almunia and Sweden's Finance Minister Anders Borg (R)    By Dave Graham and Marcin Grajewski
   BRUSSELS, July 7 (Reuters) – European Union finance ministers agreed in principle on Tuesday to make capital rules for banks more flexible to reduce their likelihood of worsening boom-and-bust cycles in the economy.  The ministers also raised doubts about a German proposal to relax temporarily the Basel II rules on capital requirements for banks to boost lending and accelerate a recovery from the worst economic crisis since World War Two. (more…)

Sweden – don’t demonize hedge funds

July 1, 2009

    STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – A minister for Sweden, which took over the EU presidency on Wednesday, said hedge funds and private equity firms needed regulation but should not be viewed as a primary cause of the global financial crisis.
   Speaking after a visit by the European Commission to Stockholm to mark the Nordic country’s start in the six-month presidency, Financial Markets Minister Mats Odell cautioned against “overzealous” regulation. (more…)