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Big banks can be shrunk — here’s how

June 12, 2012

By Stuart Gittleman

NEW YORK, June 12 (Thomson Reuters Accelus) – A need to break up big banks is one of the several lessons policy makers should have learned from the financial crisis that have either been ignored or forgotten, according to Phil Angelides, who chaired the congressionally appointed Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission

May 5, 2010

Live coverage of the “The Shadow Banking System” hearing.

Top regulators to face U.S. financial crisis panel

January 14, 2010

By Kevin Drawbaugh

WASHINGTON, Jan 14 (Reuters) – Senior U.S. regulators, including outspoken Federal Deposit Insurance Corp Chairman Sheila Bair, will tell their side of the story on Thursday to a commission examining the origins of the 2008 financial crisis.

Barons of Wall St concede failures, defend pay

January 13, 2010

By Kevin Drawbaugh

WASHINGTON, Jan 13 (Reuters) – Top executives of Wall Street’s biggest banks acknowledged broad failures as they testified to a U.S. commission looking into the financial crisis, while the White House said an industry apology was in order.

Bank of America’s Moynihan urges focus on “contagion risk,” not breakups

January 13, 2010

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, Jan 13 (Reuters) – Bank of America Corp Chief Executive Brian Moynihan said on Wednesday banking regulation needs to focus more closely on limiting “contagion risk” between financial firms, rather than breaking up the biggest U.S. banks.

PREVIEW-US crisis panel will scratch but not maul bankers

January 11, 2010

By Karey Wutkowski

WASHINGTON, Jan 11 (Reuters) – The U.S. commission examining the financial meltdown is expected to take Wall Street bankers to task this week for a return to extravagant bonuses, but the spectacle should fall short of the political theater that marked a similar investigation of the Great Depression.

FACTBOX-Witnesses for U.S. financial crisis hearings

January 11, 2010

WASHINGTON, Jan 11 (Reuters) – The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, a 10-member panel formed by the U.S. Congress to examine the causes of the financial meltdown, will hold its first public hearings on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Here is a list of the witnesses scheduled to appear.

Global financial regulation overhaul seen in 2010

January 6, 2010

By Kevin Drawbaugh and Huw Jones

WASHINGTON/LONDON, Jan 6 (Reuters) – Global financial regulation has changed little since the 2008 banking crisis, but that won’t be the case much longer.

U.S. financial crisis panel sets first hearings

December 22, 2009

WASHINGTON, Dec 22 (Reuters) – A U.S. commission created by Congress to investigate the financial crisis has scheduled its first public hearings for Jan. 13 and 14, more than a year since the crisis shook banks and capital markets worldwide.