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Financial regulation reform is now law: what’s next?

July 21, 2010

Can the financial regulation law signed today prevent another crisis? Garett Jones, an assistant professor of economics at George Mason University, led a debate today at the Mercatus Center in Washington D.C. on the path financial reform will take now that it’s the law of the land. Watch the debate below.

FACTBOX-Major U.S. financial regulation reform proposals

June 9, 2010

June 9 (Reuters) – Negotiators for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives will begin on Thursday to hammer out a compromise between two competing bills representing the biggest overhaul of financial regulation since the 1930s.

SNAP ANALYSIS – Goldman charges give lift to Lincoln US swaps bill

April 16, 2010

By Roberta Rampton

WASHINGTON, April 16 (Reuters) – Bombshell fraud charges against Goldman Sachs, one of the largest swaps dealers on Wall Street, give new impetus to a tough derivatives reform bill proposed by Senate Agriculture Chairman Blanche Lincoln on Friday.

SCENARIOS-Three routes to swaps reform in U.S. Congress

March 17, 2010

WASHINGTON, March 16 (Reuters) – The path to government regulation of the $450 trillion market in over-the-counter derivatives must wind through the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee, which oversees futures markets.

ANALYSIS – Democrats bet politics favor US financial reforms

February 18, 2010

By Kevin Drawbaugh

WASHINGTON, Feb 18 (Reuters) – The next round of betting is near in a high-stakes game to tighten U.S. financial regulation and Democrats are wagering heavily on a hunch — that some Republicans cannot afford politically to block reform.

BREAKINGVIEWS-Volcker Rule looks more like hype than future law

February 16, 2010
"Just a photo op"?

"Just a photo op"?

 — The author is a Reuters Breakingviews columnist. The opinions expressed are his own — 

ANALYSIS – Change in Senate sharpens U.S. regulatory reform fight

January 20, 2010

By Kevin Drawbaugh

WASHINGTON, Jan 20 (Reuters) – The financial regulation debate is set to get more divisive after Massachusetts voters elected a Republican senator, with Democrats and Republicans both trying to tap Americans’ deep anger over the economy.

ANALYSIS-Financial reform push shaken as Obama, Dodd confer

January 20, 2010

Obama and Dodd to confer    By Kevin Drawbaugh
   WASHINGTON, Jan 20 (Reuters) – As Massachusetts voters handed Democrats a stunning setback, President Barack Obama and U.S. Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd met on Tuesday to discuss the future of financial regulation reform. (more…)

Global financial regulation overhaul seen in 2010

January 6, 2010

By Kevin Drawbaugh and Huw Jones

WASHINGTON/LONDON, Jan 6 (Reuters) – Global financial regulation has changed little since the 2008 banking crisis, but that won’t be the case much longer.

U.S. industry sharpens attack on financial reforms

December 8, 2009

By Karey Wutkowski and Kevin Drawbaugh

WASHINGTON, Dec 8 (Reuters) – U.S. industry is freshening its attack on financial reform, pledging more cash to defeat a new consumer agency and raising concerns over a provision that could force secured creditors to shoulder losses.