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U.K. watchdog agrees to analyse impact of new bank rules

September 30, 2009

LONDON, Sept 30 (Reuters) – Britain’s financial regulator said on Wednesday it will sketch out how to determine if a bank poses risks to the broader system , and may require higher capital charges to contain risks.

Regulator blocks Royal Bank of Scotland payout of subordinated bonds

September 4, 2009

By Jane Baird and Jane Merriman
LONDON, Sept 4 (Reuters) – Royal Bank of Scotland will not exercise options to redeem more than $1.5 billion of subordinated debt next month after regulators objected to it using state aid to repay the low-ranked bondholders.

UK FSA chief wants banks to draft “living will”-FT

September 3, 2009

BANKS-REGULATION/   LONDON, Sept 3 (Reuters) – UK financial regulator Chairman Lord Adair Turner backed plans to make systemically important banks draw up “living wills” or wind-down plans in case they fail, the FT reported on Thursday.

UK’s FSA warns on stock price/liquidity misleading

September 2, 2009

fsa_logo   LONDON, Sept 1 (Reuters) – The UK market regulator, FSA, said on Tuesday it will fine or suspend market operators involved in  manipulation practices known as “spoofing” and “layering.”
   The warning follows a 35,000 pound ($57,130) fine imposed last year by the London Stock Exchange on an unidentified firm.

UK Treasury warns regulator off financial tax talk

August 27, 2009

BANKS-REGULATION/   By Kate Kelland and Huw Jones
   LONDON, Aug 27 (Reuters) – The UK Treasury and industry groups on Thursday poured cold water on support from the country’s top market regulator for a global tax to curb excessive bank bonuses.
   Financial Services Authority Chairman, Adair Turner, sparked industry ire after saying a “Tobin” style tax may be needed.

UK financial watchdog says may levy higher City tax

August 27, 2009

BANKS-REGULATION/    LONDON, Aug 26 (Reuters) – The chairman of Britain’s Financial Services Authority (FSA) said he would back higher taxes on the country’s financial sector to prevent institutions making excessive profits and to curb excessive pay.

UK regulator reviews RBS purchase of ABN Amro

August 17, 2009

RBS/    LONDON, Aug 16 (Reuters) – Britain’s financial regulator has launched a supervisory review of Royal Bank of Scotland’s <RBS.L> takeover of ABN Amro, the Scottish bank said on Sunday.

UK regulator bans long-term guaranteed bonuses

August 12, 2009

fsa_logo1   LONDON, Aug 12 (Reuters) – Britain’s financial regulator on Wednesday banned guaranteed banker bonuses for more than one year as part of a global crackdown on a culture of excessive risk-taking that has destabilised economies.

UK regulator opposes tight commodity market limits – sources

August 6, 2009

By Christopher Johnson and David Sheppard
LONDON, Aug 6 (Reuters) – The UK’s financial watchdog looks likely to resist moves towards tighter regulation on commodity markets if a meeting it held with oil industry representatives is any guide, industry sources said on Thursday.

British regulator launches equities review, dark pools a focus – report

August 4, 2009

LONDON, Aug 3 (Reuters) – Britain’s Financial Services Authority (FSA) has launched a wide-ranging review of UK equity markets, covering aspects such as high-frequency trading and so-called “dark pools,” the Financial Times reported. (more…)