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ANALYSIS – EU focus on credit default swaps may not yield bans

March 5, 2010

By Huw Jones

LONDON, March 5 (Reuters) – European governments are exploring ways to curb trade in credit default swaps but may have to settle for requiring greater disclosure rather than banning certain forms of speculation.

EU examines debt speculators amid fears over Greece

March 3, 2010

BRUSSELS, March 3 (Reuters) – Officials working for European Union financial markets chief Michel Barnier will meet industry experts and supervisors on Friday to discuss debt speculators amid concerns traders are worsening Greece’s borrowing problems.

SNAP ANALYSIS-Austerity steps to ease, not end Greek crisis

March 3, 2010

By Andrew Torchia

LONDON, March 3 (Reuters) – Austerity steps announced by Greece on Wednesday may pave the way for European Union government aid, easing fears that Greece could lose its ability to borrow from debt markets at affordable rates.