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Reuters Summit – Regulators, fund providers, at odds over investor information

By Antonia van de Velde and Martin de Sa’Pinto

LUXEMBOURG, March 24 (Reuters) – Regulators and fund providers agree on the need to restore investor faith in financial markets, but are at odds over how to both ease client fears and guarantee a greater degree of security.

Regulators want more information on funds and investments to ensure investors are fully aware of the risks they are taking on, but the industry faces a tough challenge in informing clients of potential risks without scaring them off.

“It is clearly a pivotal moment in the regulatory business,” Sheila Nicoll, director of conduct policy at Britain’s Financial Services Authority told delegates at the ALFI fund association’s Spring conference.

She wants regulators to be more proactive, and identify problem areas rather than waiting for problems to occur.

“We plan to scan for new risks, and intend to intervene earlier before a problem becomes widespread,” she said.

UK regulator opposes tight commodity market limits – sources

By Christopher Johnson and David Sheppard
LONDON, Aug 6 (Reuters) – The UK’s financial watchdog looks likely to resist moves towards tighter regulation on commodity markets if a meeting it held with oil industry representatives is any guide, industry sources said on Thursday.