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JPMorgan may tip Wall Street’s hand on ploys to beat Volcker

By Rachel Wolcott

NEW YORK, May 14 (Thomson Reuters Accelus) - JPMorgan Chase & Co’s revelation that it had trading losses of at least $2 billion on a failed hedging strategy may have tipped the hand to one way Wall Street executives plan to get around the Volcker Rule.

The incident shows how firms could use the pending rule’s hedging exemption to do proprietary trades and still technically be compliant with Volcker. It could allow firms to keep some proprietary trading desks, but portray them to regulators as something else, such as portfolio hedging. (more…)

US accounting board mulls expanding mark-to-market

Financial Accounting Standards Board Chairman Robert Herz    By Emily Chasan
   NEW YORK, Aug 13 (Reuters) – U.S. accounting rule makers met on Thursday to consider expanding mark-to-market accounting rules to loans and other securities, moving ahead with a plan already strongly opposed by banks.