By Kevin Drawbaugh and Huw Jones

WASHINGTON/LONDON, Jan 6 (Reuters) – Global financial regulation has changed little since the 2008 banking crisis, but that won’t be the case much longer.

U.S. and EU authorities are expected to hammer out the definite shape of a new regulatory order in 2010 that will fundamentally change how world banks and markets operate.

Stricter limits on leverage and capital will emerge, leading eventually to slimmer profits for banks, policy analysts said. Formerly unregulated off-exchange derivatives markets will have to conform to new procedures.

Lenders’ power to package and securitize mortgages and other forms of debt will face new limits, while hedge funds — once the darlings of high finance — will face new scrutiny.

Procedural hurdles remain to be crossed by reform advocates. In the United States, the Senate has not yet approved a reform bill, but the House of Representatives has.