Inside the Tent: Hillary supporters and PUMA

August 26, 2008

Nancy Kivlen of PUMA (“Party Unity My Ass”) explains why she plans to vote for John McCain if Hillary Clinton doesn’t receive the Democratic nomination. This video is from Mike Smith, one of the contributors to Reuters Inside the Tent.

Reuters Inside the Tent has more than 40 delegates and other attendees in Denver and St. Paul, equipped with video cameras to capture the conventions from the ground up. Smith is not a Reuters employee and any opinions expressed are his own.

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I am glad that they are standing up

Posted by robert | Report as abusive

Lucky you, to be there! I couldn’t go, I’m keeping up with the PUMAs by reading their blog, pumapac.

The polls are wild. Obama hasn’t made progress with Clinton supporters all summer, and one very recent poll has him down with them and McCain up at the same time, both by about 10% iirc.

If Obama gets the nom, I hope the PUMAs have signs ready to pull out saying “Resign, Obama!” As weeks go on and he looks more like the McGovern of 2008, that will be his best move.

Posted by fsteele | Report as abusive

Puma–the last vestige of democracy!

Posted by Kerri | Report as abusive

Obama was not selected not elected. The nomination was given to him. The convention was planned for him so it reconcile with MLK’s speech. The whole thing was a set up. If the DNC already had determined the nominee they want, we shouldn’t waste the time and energy with the primary.

BTW, I’m a democrat who will vote for the country over party.

Posted by Nzone71 | Report as abusive

Good for Nancy and the PUMA group. If the DNC did their job fairly and ethically throughout the primaries, there would not have been a need for PUMA. The complaints filed on voter fraud in the caucuses, were not addressed…the Media bias and sexist remarks, were not addressed, and the Rules and Bylaws meeting that handed Obama votes that he was not entitled to…and then the pushing of Hillary out of the race, while we were trying to vote for her, was the last straw! The DNC selected the Democratic candidate, he wasn’t elected. They started pushing Hillary out of the race in March, but 18 million people thought she was the most qualified person for the job, and voted for her. Some of us don’t believe Obama is qualified to be president at all, we’ll be voting Country before party this time. I personally feel that the DNC has engaged in unDemocratic and unAmerican activities this election season, and I can’t support that.

Posted by Jeleanoro | Report as abusive

Hillary Supporters are forgetting 2 important points. 1) the republicans have attacked Hillary just terribly. If you are true Hillary supporters, why would you vote for the swift boat party? Look at McCain’s ads. If Hillary was the nominee, the ads would be even worse. They have made no secret of the fact that they hate Hillary. Hillary is supporting Barack. Of course she is disappointed that she did not win, as many of us are, but we need to elect the best candidate for women. The democrats and Barack Obama are head and shoulders above McCain and the republicans on women’s issues. Follow your head and your heart and you will realize that Barack is with us. I did! Do not fall for the republicans trying to get her votes. Listen to Hillary. She knows how despicable they have been against her. Vote Obama/Biden. Barack’s pick of Biden is a good one for women. Check out Biden’s sponsoring of the violence against women act. This is a HUGE step for women. Let’s get together. Loose the misplaced anger and help out the whole country…women included. 2) McCain does not support women. Look at his votes. We need to try someone new and not continue Bush’s policies. McCain votes with Bush over 90% of the time…that is not a maverick. He is for even more tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate loopholes for those shipping jobs overseas. McCain refuses to admit the war was wrong and wants to keep our precious soldiers there for 100 more years (his words). McCain has approved all those swift boat ads against Barack. Study the issues. Don’t let Karl Rove and the swift boaters use lies, fears and smears to change the issue that the republicans have screwed up our country and we are on the wrong track. The republicans are thrilled that some of Hillary’s supporters are falling for this. We are smarter than that. Look at the FACTS. McCain/Bush policies are the issue and they are alike over 90% of the time…who agrees with someone that much! Get a clue!

Posted by BH | Report as abusive

BH, so you are justifying the DNC’s theft of the primaries because they’re better on women’s issues than Republicans? Get a clue, BH. We will not be a part of a party that either abuses our voting rights or takes us for granted. Period. And there are a lot of us – enough to redirect both the Republican and Democratic agendas over time – reforming an ugly history of corruption and scandal that men in power from both parties have perpetrated repeatedly.

Posted by LGS | Report as abusive

Wow…you are NOT putting country over party. You are ruining the country. 82% of Americans polled think the country is on the wrong track. But you will penalize Obama becasue the media wasn’t fair and continue and enhance Bush’s failed policies. The republicans can’t believe how stupid we are. You are giving women a bad name. McCain is NOT for women. Get over your anger and DO something productive…look at his voting record! We are smarter than this, women.

Posted by BH | Report as abusive

Did you see Hillary tonight. The election was not stolen. Hillary originally agreed to the rules about Florida and Michigan. Barack’s name was not even on the ballot in one state as he was abiding by the rules. She changed her mind after she won both states. It would not be fair to allow all those votes to be for Hillary. A new election should have been done. As it was not, in absence of that, he abided by the rules and won. That is not stealing the election. She should not have agreed in the first place. You can’t change the rules in the middle. Hillary was wonderful tonight. If she, who was the most injured in this, can say to vote for Barack, you should at least consider it. She was right when she said if you are voting just for me…she endorsed Barack wholeheartedly. McCain would be disastrous and she herself said we can’t afford that. If you were for her because you believed in what she stood for, she said Barack is your person. If you think things are great and want more of the same, vote McCain. You are playing into the Bush/Cheney/ Karl Rove playbook. If you think Hillary’s plans are good, listen to Hillary, she speaks the truth for all of us.

Posted by BH | Report as abusive

RE: all the complaints by the Obama people, and party insiders that the PUMA women and men, and “Clinton Diehards” are endangering Obama’s election:

1) they shoud have thought of that before Obamanuts were trained to call anyone not supporting Obama, “you’re a racist” and in our face with that curse online and at caucuses in person. White kids screaming at Hillary caucus goers”You;re racist” wasn’t an accident, it was part of their training by Obama’s trainer straight out of Chicago – a planned intimidation.

The stupidest thing they and Pelosi did was to have Clayburn out on national TV telling the most revered president since FDR to shut up and calling him a racist!

2) The DNC said it didn’t need the older generation of Democratic voters, they had all these new college kid enrollees – well, we’ll see about that.

3) If the DNC is now crying and cursing about the trouble they are in garnering the votes of 18 million Hillary supporters , they should have thought of that before they fixed and cheated at the caucuses, made new rules to close Hillary out as nominee, cut her delegates from Florida in half, gave UNCOMMITTED Michigan delegates to Obama (UNCOMMITTED means uncommitted, not Obama votes) and took away some of the Michigan delegates who voted for Hillary and gave them to their “chosen one”, and after every one of Hillary’s state wins issued an announcement that she was quitting the race at the end of the week.

One would expect such crooks, liars, and cheats from the Republican Party,not the Democrats; but in 35 years of hard working for the Democratic Party, even when I didn’t like their candidate, I have never seen anything like what the Dems have done under Dean, Brazile, Pelosi, and Obama.

Did they think the American public and Hillary voters were that stupid not to know and see the outrageous robbery of Hillary Clinton?

So now, the DNC and the Obama Chicago thugs have split the party.

Hillary is the most qualified to be President and the world knows it. Obama hasn’t even finished a term as a Senator. He has NO experience governing anything. He has lied in too many areas to name. He has broken promises in too many areas to name. Just because he’s black is no reason to vote for him as President. His background and associations and nonvetting by the media which has tried to push him down our gullets, is absolutely no reason to vote for Obama.

The DNC has shown how low and corrupt it is and split the party.They stole the nomination from her by every trick ever known and new ones never heard of.

The DNC split the party. They and their leaders are responsible for the split.
Live with it.

I’ll be writing Hillary in for President on my November ballot.

But as a Dem precinct captain, DEC member of my county, I’ve resigned and I’m never going back to the Democratic party.

18 million voters are a wonderful group to start a new Democratic Populist Party, a viable third party with all of Hillary’s issues as our platform is desperately needed.

And if Hillary’s closest advisors could and would convince her, Hillary Clinton should be
our leader.

Kelli Gesq

Posted by Kelli | Report as abusive

BRAVO!! The DNC they can’t mess with their members…PUMA is doing the right thing standing up. The DNC should not slide for hyjacking the nomination. REFORM is necessary and it comes with a high price….but that because it is worth it!!

Posted by rosanna | Report as abusive

The election WAS stolen and the roll call process was circumvented by bullying of delegates, threats and political bribery. The caucus states were almost every single one full of FRAUD. It wasn’t just the media. It was the Obama campaign letting ACORN tactics cheat voters all through this election process. The truth is out there. Dr. Lynette Long has done an analysis of the caucus cheating and there is a documentary coming out. Some voters knew about this and have tried to stand up to it.

No one should be selected in a democratic process or we become a banana republic. For the good of the country we should vote FOR a stolen election process? Why? So they can do this every single time? Maybe the American people just shouldn’t vote anymore? Maybe we should just ask the leaders of the “party” to go ahead and pick the one backed by the most corrupt and who has the most billionaires behind them.

Obama was never held accountable for anything and the DNC have not been either. YET! This must not be allowed to go unanswered.

Posted by ALICE PAUL | Report as abusive

The media and the public still don’t get it. Not surprising, they’re not trying very hard. Let me spell it out for you.
PUMA’s are women _and_ men who are angry at the DNC for the way they carried out these primaries. Sexism by msm was tolerated; dirty Chicago politics was tolerated; they expected us to loverlook sexism by Obama and his campaigners, the REZKO scandal, his racist pastor(s), the black theology (look it up), and the fact he voted for FISA.
FISA?!!!! Hillary did not vote for it.
EVEN IF we could forgive all that – we will _not_ vote for a candidate who will be proven to have engaged in CAUCUS FRAUD.

The media keeps their mouths shut. Just like when we invaded Iraq. Right, Christiana Amanpour? SHE had the honesty to admit they “self-censor.” WE THE PEOPLE won’t stand for it any more. Vote your conscience.
– End of Statement. –

Posted by Mary Richards | Report as abusive